Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today A Year Ago- Thursday Blog Hop

Today I've chosen to participate and link up with Wyatt Family Farm, Mommy Only Has Two Hands and From PDX With Love for:

Thursday Blog Hops

As I've racked my brain trying to figure out exactly what was happening one year ago (because I wasn't part of the mighty blogosphere then), I could only come up with one solution... consult the wonderful wizard of Facebook.

Here are the two status updates posted from yours truly one year ago today:

Five-  the number of minutes it takes for the kitchen floor to become dirty again after I sweep, vaccuum and mop it.

So, the kids and I were riding in the car a few moments ago, and Addy asks..."Mommy, wanna sing the lettuce song?"  I say, "The what?!"  She says, "The lettuce song."  I say, "I don't think I know a lettuce song, Sweetheart."  She then proceeds to sing, "All the single lettuce, all the single lettuce!  All the single lettuce, all the single lettuce."  HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  My little Beyonce.

Yep, we are still "krazy," one year later...


Heather said...

Wow!! I didn't know you could go back a year and find out what your status update was then!! How do you do that???

Glad you hopped with us even though it was hard to find stuff. :)

Following back and you have a cute blog!!

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

CK said...

Heather- thanks for following!

For the status updates, I used an app in Facebook called "My Status History." It'll give you a long, boring list of your updates from the past 15 months or so. : )

Tiffany said...

Thanks so much for hopping with us this week! i am following you back. Hope you stop by again!
Tiffany @ Wyatt Family Farm

Sofia @ From PDX with Love said...

OMG so precious!! I like her version of the song way better than the original!! Now, every time I'll listen to Single Ladies, I will sing "all the single lettuce, all the single lettuce!" I have the urge to pinch someones cheeks!!


Anonymous said...

that is one ofnmy most favorite stories