Thursday, September 30, 2010

10 Reasons Why I'm Glad it's FALL!

  1. The weather is FINALLY getting cooler!  I love warm days and chilly nights.
  2. Fall colors are my fave. 
  3. The smell of bonfires make me giddy.
  4. F O O T B A L L.
  5. Who doesn't love a memorable trip to a good old punkin' patch?!
  6. Watching season premieres of the best television shows makes for a great late night activity.
  7. Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. Non-fat, extra hot.
  8. Hoodies and jeans become my daily uniform of choice.
  9. Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving menu planning.
  10. Eating my favorite vegetable is both accepted and encouraged this time of year.  And by vegetable, I mean, Brach's candy corn.
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          Move over, Nintendo Wii... PlayStation is now on the "Move!"

          This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PlayStation MOVE. All opinions are 100% mine.

          If you're already in the process of checking off your gift list for Christmas or if there's a birthday coming up for someone special, I have a fabulous gift idea to drop in your ear-
          This new system, which is only possible on the PlayStation 3 system, has brought motion gaming to a whole new level.  It has something to offer any player,  regardless of age, ability, or gaming experience.  PlayStation Move basically features a simple, ergonomically designed, easy-to-use controller that is able to capture a full range of motion, which allows ultimate control over how the game is played.  With the diverse selection of games already created for PlayStation Move, plus new ones launching all the time, anyone can enjoy hours of fun alone or with friends and family.

          If by chance this uber cool gaming system was delivered to my doorstep by a little gift fairy (hint, hint),  I imagine that my family would play the mess out of it.  Games such as Start The Party! would not only be fun for the four of us, but could also engage friends and family during parties or other get-togethers. (Because, I mean, who WOULDN'T want to come to the Klapper house if they heard about our fancy PlayStation Move?! *cheesy grin*)

          EyePet is another game that I'm sure would be at the top of our list to purchase.  My two young children would be thrilled at the opportunity to create their own pet to feed, care for, and play with... and this mother would love not having to deal with pet hair, pet smells, or pet-anything-elses.

          Already have a PlayStation 3 in your home?  Good news!  You can bring this motion gaming system exclusively to your PS3 by purchasing the Move bundle package for only $99.  For all that this controller offers, I'd say it's a great addition to your family's gaming collection.

          For more information on the new PlayStation Move and coordinating games, feel free to explore their website by clicking on the button below:

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          Tuesday, September 28, 2010

          Painting Fun

          We all know that one of the many natural talents of young children is making a big fat mess.  Yep, I admit I get annoyed more than I should about their uncleanliness-- because let's face it, they're KIDS!  So for that very reason, I allow them time every now and then to make a "supervised" mess.

          Here are my two munchkins having a blast with their most recent go-ahead-and-dirty-yourselves-up opportunity:


          Monday, September 27, 2010

          Save Money with Member's Mark Formula

          This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Member's Mark. All opinions are 100% mine.

          Both of my two little ones received their first year of nourishment from bottles of formula.  As much as I desired to give them "the natural stuff," I was one of the unfortunate few whose body refused to cooperate with my plan.  Even though it was a difficult decision, both emotionally and financially, I'm extremely grateful for companies like Member's Mark.

          With formula from Member's Mark, you can be sure that you are getting the same quality ingredients, such as DHA and ARA, as other national brands at the same or lower price.  Their formula, which can be purchased at Sam's Club, meets all strict FDA guidelines and offers complete nutrition for your baby's health and development.

          In addition to the quality found inside of the can, the formula now has an updated look on the outside.  The new packaging is very clean and easy to read, making important factors (like product type, age, and benefit factors) very simple to locate.

          If you are a mother who has chosen to use formula for their baby's nourishment, then Member's Mark formula may be a viable option for you.  For more information, visit the Member's Mark website (which includes a convenient "Savings Calculator") and Facebook page.

          Visit my sponsor: Member's Mark


          Thursday, September 23, 2010

          10 Reasons Why I Love My Job

          10. I can wear pajamas to work every day if I want to... and yes, most days I want to.
          9. I don't have to keep my "office" clean if I don't want to... and most days I don't want to.
          8. Naps AND ice cream breaks are allowed.  Every day.  Yesssssssss.
          7. Instead of fulfilling one job role each day, I get to have several careers, all at one time:
          • Cook
          • Maid
          • Secretary
          • Accountant
          • Teacher
          • Coach
          • Nurse
          • Parole Officer (just kidding... sort of)
          6. I get the joy of saying things like: 
          • "Please don't stick that in your nose." 
          • "Why do you have underwear on your head?"
          • "Boogers are for tissue, not mouths."
          • "We've already watched Barney three times today.  NO MORE!"
          5. Lots of money is saved when you neglect to because you don't have to wear make-up, fix your hair, and wear nice clothes most days of the week.

          4. I'M the BOSS and what I say goes!!!  (Most of the time...)

          3. Even though they can be a bit needy and demanding, I have two of the CUTEST subordinates on the planet!

          2. I get to work on posts like this when Facebook is down during my free time. 

          1.  I love my job because I just don't believe there's any job out there more special, gratifying, and rewarding as being a mother.


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          Friday, September 17, 2010

          Fall has got me a-thinkin'...

          This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Geile Leon. All opinions are 100% mine.

          With today being Friday AND fall's arrival being less than a week away, my thoughts are toward an autumn vacation. Do we have one planned? Not really at this point. We do have a small camping trip planned for October. But I'm ready for more... to bite the bullet and attempt a road trip with my kiddos. I can't think of many places for a family-friendly weekend getaway than Branson, Missouri.

          Branson has so many things for a family to explore, including lakes, museums, theme parks, theaters, shopping, just to name several. And in the heart of these attractions are two fabulous spots for accomodations: Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Both locations are currently offering special packages for this time of the year which to me sound almost irresistible. The most tempting one I've found thus far is known as the "Fall in the City" Package, starting at $309.50 per night.  Check out what's included in this exclusive package:
          • Two nights of deluxe accomodations
          • Two tickets on the Showboat Branson Belle for dinner and the show
          • Two adult tickets to Silver Dollar City
          • A 50th Anniversary Silver Dollar City Souvenir Book
          • A $25 hotel food and beverage credit
          If shopping is more of your thing than sight-seeing, then you might consider the "Shopping Package" which includes deluxe accomodations, a breakfast buffet for two, and a $25 gift card usable at any store in the Tanger Outlet Mall. This deal is available starting at an affordable $164.00 a night.

          Both the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel offer state-of-the-art lodging, as well as guest access to shops, boutiques, restaurants, a river walk, and many other attractions.
          Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing
          Doesn't this just scream fall getaway to you??? Oh my... Forgive me as I scoot away to drop a hint into my hubby's ear!

          Visit my sponsor: Enjoy an exhilarating weekend getaway in Branson!

          Thursday, September 16, 2010

          "Frame-It Friday"... a day early!

          This first thing we did this morning after waking up was head outside to enjoy the breezy 75 degree weather.  The sky was overcast so I jumped on the opportunity to take some new pictures of my busy kiddos.  

          Wednesday, September 15, 2010

          a "little" gem from down under

          There aren't many things that bring a bigger smile to someone's face than a perfectly picked greeting card. It's a fun process from beginning to end: opening the colorful envelope, viewing the actual card- whether silly or serious- and then reading the meaningful message. What catapults this experience right over the top is when the card is uniquely created by hand...

          Let me introduce you to a friend of mine from Australia that I call "MK," which is short for Mama Kangaroo. Get it?! Kangaroo? Australia? Hee hee! She and I met online and became "virtual" friends almost 5 years ago during a season of our lives that was very difficult. MK later began a full-time card-making business, "the little card boutique," that has taken off like wildfire. And when you visit her website here, you will instantly see why. The cards are GORGEOUS! And every single one of them are carefully and beautifully made by her, my sweet friend.

          Over the past several years, MK has sent incredibly special cards to me and my children for various occasions. And I'm telling you, these creations are MORE than keepsake worthy! They're breathtaking.

          So, go ahead and mosey on over to visit her online store. You're going to be blown away by her inventory, I just know it. Secondly, you can find "the little card boutique" on Facebook by clicking here. Be sure to "like" her business page and tell all your Facebook friends to do so, as well.


          Monday, September 13, 2010

          Aladdin "Do The Reuse Challenge"

          This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aladdin. All opinions are 100% mine.

          Have you ever stopped to really think and calculate how much waste is created by "convenience"? Especially when it comes to eating and drinking on the go. Many of us use disposable bottles and containers on a daily basis to make our lives just a little bit easier. Please take a few moments to look at the following stats with me to see if we're truly making things "easier" and more "convenient" in the long run:
          • Seven million barrels of oil are used to produce the disposable bottles Americans go through in one year.
          • In the United States, 50 billion disposable water bottles are consumed per year; 137,000 per day; 1,585 per second.
          • It costs about $165 a year to make drip coffee at home versus $636 to buy drip coffee at your local cafe.
          • Unless we change our habits, 23 billion paper coffee cups will be thrown out in 2010.
          • Nine dollars will generally cover a decent lunch out.  If you buy rather than pack a lunch five days a week, you shell out about $2,350 a year.
          With statistics like those, it inspires me take a look around my own home to discover more ways that my family can "reuse" instead of dispose. Fortunately, my husband and I figured out long ago that it is much more affordable on our pocketbooks to carry around a reusable water bottle and coffee mug instead of constantly buying disposable ones. But I can't honestly say that we're as faithful when it comes to food containers. And that's the reason why my family will be participating in the Aladdin "Do the Reuse Challenge."

          The "Do The Reuse Challenge" is a commitment to give up disposable cups, water bottles, or food containers for 30 days. Everyone is invited to accept one of the three challenges and encourage others around them to do so, as well. After signing up, Aladdin makes the challenge a bit easier by offering discounts and free shipping on selected products for all participants. It's a win-win situation if you ask me!
          You can also find Aladdin on Facebook and share the Do The Reuse Challenge with your friends and family there.

          What are you and I waiting for? Let's head on over to sign up for the challenge today and begin making an impact over our morning coffee, at the gym, in the car, at lunch... everywhere.


          Sunday, September 12, 2010

          Our Adventure Has Begun!

          Well, folks, we have one week of homeschooling already behind us and tomorrow begins week two. For several months now, my 3-year-old daughter has been begging to "do school with Mommy." So, once September came along, I finally got the ball rolling and she got her wish. And like I was certain she would, she already loves it and can't get enough. She even cried one or two days when we were finished with my planned activities. Wow! My fingers are tightly crossed that this energy and enthusiasm will stick around throughout the whole year. Guess we'll see...

          Here are a few shots of the little "bookworm" in action:

          One challenge that we've had to tackle is interference from this little munchkin:

          But instead of excluding him, we've just decided to let him tag along and soak in whatever he can.

          Any and all advice/suggestions about involving a toddler in homeschool activities would be very much appreciated! : )

          Here's to a wonderful second week!


          Friday, September 10, 2010

          Vacation Dreams

          This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

          I remember the first time I laid eyes on it... Disney's Magic Kingdom. For an 8-year-old little girl, it truly was magical. Now as a mother with my own little wide-eyed girl, I find myself daydreaming about the day when my princess will meet Cinderella face to face. I know it will be a moment too wonderful for words and more magical than a camera will be able to capture.

          Photo courtesy of

          Even though I've had multiple opportunities to visit Orlando and the surrounding attractions, my husband and children have not. For that very reason, Florida will be the destination for our very first real vacation.  And I already know the exact place where we'll go: Kissimmee.

          When I think of the perfect place for any family to visit in Florida, Kissimmee is the first place that comes to mind.  I know this because I've been there and experienced all that Kissimmee has to offer firsthand.  I'll list a a few of the great things I can recall about Kissimmee:
          • It's right next door to Orlando.
          • Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios (just to name a few) are all a quick shuttle ride away.
          • Beaches (my favorite) of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Coast are only a 1-2 hour drive.
          • Plenty of outdoor activities including airboat rides, zip-lining (my husband's favorite), horseback riding, and hiking.
          • For those of us who like to shop and eat, plenty of eclectic stores and fabulous restaurants to indulge both our pocketbooks and our appetites abound.
          When I imagine what our trip itinerary would look like, here are several details that I'm confident will be included in our vacation:

          SeaWorld Orlando
          Disney's Animal Kingdom Park
          Orlando Premium Outlets

          Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center
            Aren't you ready to pack your bags and go, too??!  Then start planning your dream vacation to Kissimmee here:

            Visit my sponsor: What's Your Kissimmee Story?