Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a "little" gem from down under

There aren't many things that bring a bigger smile to someone's face than a perfectly picked greeting card. It's a fun process from beginning to end: opening the colorful envelope, viewing the actual card- whether silly or serious- and then reading the meaningful message. What catapults this experience right over the top is when the card is uniquely created by hand...

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine from Australia that I call "MK," which is short for Mama Kangaroo. Get it?! Kangaroo? Australia? Hee hee! She and I met online and became "virtual" friends almost 5 years ago during a season of our lives that was very difficult. MK later began a full-time card-making business, "the little card boutique," that has taken off like wildfire. And when you visit her website here, you will instantly see why. The cards are GORGEOUS! And every single one of them are carefully and beautifully made by her, my sweet friend.

Over the past several years, MK has sent incredibly special cards to me and my children for various occasions. And I'm telling you, these creations are MORE than keepsake worthy! They're breathtaking.

So, go ahead and mosey on over to visit her online store. You're going to be blown away by her inventory, I just know it. Secondly, you can find "the little card boutique" on Facebook by clicking here. Be sure to "like" her business page and tell all your Facebook friends to do so, as well.


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