Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Love My Job

10. I can wear pajamas to work every day if I want to... and yes, most days I want to.
9. I don't have to keep my "office" clean if I don't want to... and most days I don't want to.
8. Naps AND ice cream breaks are allowed.  Every day.  Yesssssssss.
7. Instead of fulfilling one job role each day, I get to have several careers, all at one time:
  • Cook
  • Maid
  • Secretary
  • Accountant
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Nurse
  • Parole Officer (just kidding... sort of)
6. I get the joy of saying things like: 
  • "Please don't stick that in your nose." 
  • "Why do you have underwear on your head?"
  • "Boogers are for tissue, not mouths."
  • "We've already watched Barney three times today.  NO MORE!"
5. Lots of money is saved when you neglect to because you don't have to wear make-up, fix your hair, and wear nice clothes most days of the week.

4. I'M the BOSS and what I say goes!!!  (Most of the time...)

3. Even though they can be a bit needy and demanding, I have two of the CUTEST subordinates on the planet!

2. I get to work on posts like this when Facebook is down during my free time. 

1.  I love my job because I just don't believe there's any job out there more special, gratifying, and rewarding as being a mother.


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Rachel @ The Cupcake Sprinkles In Life said...

They are exactly my thoughts about my job!!! :)


I had the same job and I loved it too.....most of the time....haha. I did not like the patrol officer role! I did like working for myself.

ElizOF said...

You have the most entertaining, difficult, rewarding, stressful, unpaid, deeply satisfying job on the planet and I applaud you.
I loved the humor you injected into your write-up and kudos for sharing it. Loved it!
Visiting from Mamakat's where I shared about our pet cat. :-)