Monday, October 4, 2010

Make TV more child-friendly with Charter On Demand.

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As I've mentioned to you all before, my children enjoy watching television.  Yes, we allow them supervised time on most days to enjoy a few family-friendly shows while I run around the house getting a few things done.  It can honestly be a sanity-saver at times, too, if the weather is unfriendly for multiple days in a row or if one of my little ones are ill.  One guideline that do we have for television viewing is that they are very rarely allowed to watch cable shows in real time.  The commercial images and messages that are broadcast during show breaks aren't what we want our little ones' eyes, ears, and minds to soak in...

For that very reason, I have become a huge fan of on-demand services, such as offered by Charter TV.  Many people assume that these services are exclusively "Pay Per View," which merely benefit movie watchers who don't have the time or energy to stop by a rental store.  But I'm here to tell you, Charter's On Demand menu offers so much more, which is why this service is one of the most popular features of Charter TV in digital.  Besides just movies, there are literally thousands of shows and programs to uncover, including many that are FREE.  Shows of various interests and specialties, such as cooking, workout videos, concerts, and kids shows, are available at any time your schedule allows.

My children get a big kick out of solving mysteries with Blue, Steve and other characters from Nick Jr's Blue's Clues, which is one of the many kid's shows available with Charter On Demand.  I'm glad that with services, such as Charter's On Demand, I can offer my kids enjoyable shows without having to worry about advertisements/commercials interfering with their limited TV time.

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