Friday, October 22, 2010

Ashworth Offers Alternatives

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ashworth College. All opinions are 100% mine.

Even though my children are still quite young, the topic of education continues to remain on the forefront of my mind.  Like every mother, I want the absolute best for them.  We get only one shot at raising them and training them in the way that’s appropriate for their individual selves.

Over the past decade or so, there has been a marked change in parents’ thoughts toward education.  More and more families are seeking alternative routes instead of going with the public educational flow.  The reasons are varied and many, such as moral/religious beliefs, financial issues, proximity, social struggles, and unique learning styles and abilities.  Even jobs and careers of working parents aren’t falling into the traditional boundaries of years before, with schedules that are now unpredictable, along with frequent travel and relocation requirements. All in all, the way that lifestyles of our society is constantly changing has caused many families to explore alternate ways to educate their kids and prevent high school dropouts.

One alternative method that continues to rapidly grow both in acceptance and preference among parents is homeschooling.  This concept of independent study allows both the student and the parent to have more control over their educational success and progress.  Through homeschooling programs, students who are slower or faster learners, bored easily, a bit socially awkward, or maybe feel unsafe among aggressive peers are able to relax, study and learn at a comfortable pace and in a familiar setting.

Quite possibly these facts have resonated with you and your student’s situation but you’ve never really known the best route to make homeschooling a reality for your child.    Maybe you’re like me and are concerned about keeping your child up to date and current with curriculum and proper progress.  One particular homeschooling program that embraces these and many other parental concerns and offers an online solution for your high schooler is from Ashworth College.

Through Ashworth’s High School Online, students can take exciting, interactive courses and apply them towards a general homeschool high school diploma.  The online school provides the regionally and nationally accredited programs your child will need to succeed as a homeschool student.

Here’s a list of what Ashworth has to offer those considering their programs:

* For those students currently in high school (or maybe returning to high school) the flexible, self-paced curriculum allows them to study whenever and wherever they prefer.
* Research shows Ashworth tuition is 50% less than the average accredited online school.
* Tuition includes ALL books and course materials.
* Offers zero-interest financing plus a low monthly payment plan. Monthly payments can run as low as a couple of large pizzas.
* Unlike other programs, you are guaranteed to graduate without student loan debt.
* Research shows students, employers, colleges and universities value a high school diploma over a GED.
* You can choose from three regionally accredited program tracks: General, College Preparatory and Vocational.
* Students needing to make up a class or two can take single classes and have the credits transferred back to their current school. This is ideal for those needing to make up a class in order to graduate or maybe to avoid summer school.

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