Monday, October 11, 2010

Racing For a Cure

This past weekend, I joined about 20,000 other walkers/runners in the 19th annual Greater Nashville Race for the Cure.  This annual benefit is sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation and is a nationwide event that occurs throughout the year in various cities. 

To say it was an honor to be among thousands of breast cancer survivors and supporters is quite the understatement.  It was an incredible thing to see an entire community come together for a single goal: to create a world without breast cancer.  The atmosphere of the event was beautiful, inspiring, motivating, convicting, encouraging... to say the very least.  I'm already looking forward to next year's race and planning to get a mob of friends to join me. 

Here are several pictures from our wonderful day:

Our mighty Fight4Julie team.

Team shirts.

A sea of survivors and race participants.

This is "Julie," a breast cancer survivor in whose honor our team proudly participated.

And the race begins...

Go, team, go!

That would be me snacking on ice cream less than a mile into the 5K.  
That's how I roll...

Running and walking for a cure.
Each breast cancer survivor received a beautiful pink rose at the finish line.

We did it!


Elizabeth said...

Great job! I know you must be proud and what a worth cause.

Lori Ellen @ Kitchen Doesn't Travel said...

That's awesome. I'm doing my first 3-Day for the Cure walk in about 11 days...3 Days, 60 miles! I'm pumped. I know it's gonna be awesome!

CK said...

Thanks, Ladies!!!

Lori Ellen, that's awesome! Hope you'll blog about it when it's all said and done. : )

Belly Charms said...

That is wonderful!!!! I am following you back from Hop Along Friday :) Better late than never. Thanks for supporting breast cancer awareness!!

izzy said...

What a meaningful event! Its a great family bonding time at the same time!

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Leslie Rivas said...

So proud of you Car!

Liz said...

That's so great, such a wonderful cause! We were suppose to do one about a month ago but we had a horrible storm. As much as I wanted to go, I'm glad I didn't. Someone actually got struck by lightning. They were ok but still so scary! Glad you had such great weather for yours!

Thanks for following me, I'm following you back!