Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day at Honeysuckle Hill Farm

Just in case you missed this blaring fact, let me remind you once more... I love fall!  But in all honesty, who doesn't?!  I don't believe I've ever met anyone who doesn't enjoy most things about this beautiful season.

One of my favorite activities to do this time of year is to visit a pumpkin patch.  My children, husband and I anticipate our annual excursion all year long.  Fortunately, in middle Tennessee where we live, there is quite the picking when it comes to choosing a pumpkin farm to visit.  There are many great locations throughout the area offering festive activities for families each weekend.  Amidst all the various choices, we decided this past weekend to take the longer, scenic drive up to the same location which we discovered last year: Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, Tennessee.

Funny enough, we unknowingly chose the very same weekend on the calendar that we had visited the year before.  But, boy, was it a completely different experience this time around!  Last year, with daytime temperatures in the 50's, we were dressed in our warm clothes, drinking delicious apple cider and hot chocolate.  NOT this year.  The afternoon temperature rose well above 80 degrees, which is certainly obvious by our children's red cheeks in our photographs below.  As you can imagine, we were quite warm and hot apple cider was the last thing on our minds.

Despite being a bit toasty, we had a wonderful time enjoying all that Honeysuckle Hill Farm has to offer.  With the hayride, petting zoo, slides, swings, jumping pillow, and pumpkin cannon (just to name a few highlights), there was something for each member of the family to enjoy.

One thing I do have to complain about mention is the steep admission price.  Each person over 2 years of age is charged $9.00 + tax to enter the farm.  For a family of four, that's FORTY bucks.  Add to that the money for the gasoline needed to drive over an hour to get to Springfield, plus any food or beverages purchased while at the farm... that all makes for NOT a cheap day.  WHEW!

So, if you're near the Springfield area and have a chunk of change to spend on an incredibly fun family outing, this is the farm to visit.  But you better hurry- the last day of their Fall Festival Season is October 31st.

My sweet punkin' niece, Annslee.
The Klapper girlies.
Daddy & sister flying down the "Monster Rippler."

$40 admission and my son just wants to kick a ball around.  
Go figure.

Note to self:  Purchasing ring pops before attempting a family photo is never a good idea.
Here we are... the four "krazy" Klappers.

Happy Fall, Y'all!


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