Thursday, October 7, 2010

Joy & Number 8

8. Have a family day at the zoo.

The Klapper family was recently invited by a friend to enjoy a fall day at the zoo together.  Due to a conflicting work schedule, our fearless leader wasn't able to join us this particular time.  Which I guess means we didn't technically have a true family day at the zoo together.  But since we were invited as non-paying guests from a season pass holder, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to take my children plus check another "thing" off the list.

We definitely chose an impeccable day for the visit, as far as the weather goes.  But we had one member of our clan who didn't understand how perfect the situation was...

Enter this  pouty pants.

The kid seriously cried for the whole. first. hour.  No joke.  I was about to pack up and jet out of there until this bright idea hit me...

A carousel ride plus a picnic lunch did the trick.  Everything was hunky-dory from that point on and we were able to enjoy our time together at the zoo.

Don't you love how Mr. Meerkat posed for the photo opp?  
What a celebrity!

It isn't at all obvious that this was sister's FAVORITE part of the whole day.
Two monkeys...
Two more monkeys...

A trip to the zoo on a gorgeous fall day with my children and great friends brought me JOY.

Good, True & Beautiful

And what about you?  I'd love to hear your comments about something simple that has brought you joy this week...


Joyfull said...

Looks like a fun filled day!!!

Rachel @ The Cupcake Sprinkles In Life said...

I love the drastic change in his little cutie pie face- from grumpy to "wow- the world is wonderful" :) soo adorable.

Zoos are so much fun... I can never get enough of giraffes!

Something joyful this week? Hmm... it will be our 12th anniversary this coming Sunday... does that count?!? :)

CK said...

And that drastic change that you see seemed to happen in a matter of minutes. Gotta love toddlers!

OF COURSE your anniversary counts!!! Congratulations!

Ruth said...

Aw, looks like fun! Glad the little guy managed to cheer up. My kids love the zoo too! Thanks for stopping by today. Your blog is adorable & I'm following back!

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