Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something for Pregnant Mothers to Consider

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At almost any given time, I seem to know of at least one woman around me who is expecting a baby. Being pregnant is such an incredible journey that includes many joys, fears, and lots of important decisions.  And by important decisions, I'm not exactly referring to choices that include whether to paint the new princess's room pink or purple.  I mean, BIG decisions... like will I breastfeed or bottlefeed?  Work or stay at home?  Epidural or natural?  And then another one that's becoming more of a reality for women these days:  Will we bank the baby's cord blood or not?

As modern medicine continues to advance, more and more miraculous benefits are being found from saving a child's cord blood at birth.  U-Cord blood stem cells are known to treat over 75 diseases and have been used in over 12,000 transplants worldwide.

Cryo-Cell is the industry's family cord bank leader with more quality accreditations than any private cord blood bank.  The company has been involved in the umbilical cord blood preservation business for almost 20 years now and has achieved a number of successful cord blood transplants for diseases including leukemia, anemia and lymphoma.

There is so much to consider when planning for the arrival of a new baby.  In these trying economic times it can be especially difficult to weigh all available choices and still balance the family budget. Because they believe nothing is more important than protecting your baby’s future, Cryo-Cell is helping families like yours ease their financial burden.  Clients may participate in the U-Cord service for as little as $57 per month while interest-free financing options are available to those who qualify with Care Credit.

If you are an expecting mother who desires to save their baby's stem cells at birth, please consider using Cryo-Cell.  To view the benefits of using Cryo-Cell versus other cord bank services, take a few moments to visit their website at

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Laura Garner said...

This is very interesting. Thanks for posting this because I'm pregnant I've been thinking about this actually. I love your site and am excited to read more!