Monday, August 2, 2010

A Happy List

As much as I've truly wanted to be cranking out a bunch of blog posts here lately, I have to admit that my words and thoughts have been doing some major kung fu fighting, to the point where I just don't feel like I can put a decent post together.  (Wow, sort of like that first sentence that seemed to run on forever.)  So, with all the jumbledness in my mushy brain, I've decided to just spout out a list of things that I'm happy about on this Monday evening:

• August is here, which means my favorite season is getting closer and closer! And by season, I'm sure you know the one of the FIVE seasons I'm speaking of, right?!  Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and FOOTBALL!!!  (Happy dance...)

• And since it is now August, hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary week.  This Friday, August 6th, will mark our 5 year anniversary and we look forward to celebrating.  Nope, we're not doing a fancy trip or anything, but I know we're going to thoroughly enjoy ourselves whatever we do.

• I finally settled on a pre-k homeschool curriculum for my daughter and it's now officially ordered.  She is SO SO SO excited about it that I just can't help but be, too.  Her enthusiasm is very contagious.  Here's hoping it sticks around for a bit!

• I'm 11 days into a brand new journey of hormone pellet therapy.  Okay, yeah, that one came completely out of left field for many of you since I haven't written a word about it up to this point.  I'm mostly holding out for the major benefits to kick in, both physically and psychologically, before I go crazy bragging about it.  As a teaser, I will say that I'm SO glad I chose to start down this path...  Definitely more to come on that!

As always, thanks for reading my randomness...


Jordan said...

Dang it, typed a big comment and then it errored. We are big football fans too, you'll have to join us for a game this season!
We celebrate 5 years this month too. and have no trips planned either! I guess that's what happened when you are self employed. You get to spend every day together but have no money for special trips away together. I'll take every day :)
You'll have to post an update for the pellets, my mom is going through menopause and would love to find something that could help!

Lori Ellen said...

AMEN to Football Season! We went to the beach in June. When we came back I said "Ok, did my summer thing. Now I'm ready for fall and FOOTBALL!!" Hotty Toddy!