Friday, August 6, 2010

"Frame-It Friday"

In honor of August being National Goat Cheese month...


In honor of today being my 5th wedding anniversary...

I'm having THIS at Carrabba's tonight:

Chicken Bryan
photo courtesy of

I wonder how many classes of Zumba it will take to burn this deliciousness off?!

And just for fun, here are a few snapshots from August 6, 2005:



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! What great pictures! Carmen, you look beautiful!

tasha said...

Those are sweet photos; you're just about too pretty!

For that meal, calorically maybe only 1.5 Zumba classes....but it has a TON of fat in it, so just go hard with all the dancin' next week and I think you'll be ok. :)

Happy Anniversary!

Trudy said...

Wonderful two just look so incredibly happy!

God bless you and Happy Anniversary!

Wine Girl (Kitchen Doesn't Travel) said...

Um...National Goat Cheese Month! How awesome is that? And where did you hear about that? I'm a firm believer that Goat Cheese makes everything better.

Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

Lee-Ann said...

A beautiful bride! Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoyed your day!