Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Day in the Life

If your last name is Klapper, then this is what a morning may or may not look like before enjoying a sizzling hot day at the swimming pool:

8:00 am-  Kids are up and breakfast is started.

8:15 am-  Out of nowhere, Handyman Hubby decides to figure out why the "nightlight" of our over-the-range microwave hasn't worked in two years.

8:16 am-  Large microwave is in pieces all over our kitchen.

8:17 am-  Mom and children leave Hubby to his project.

9:30 am-  One hour before the pool opens, Mom realizes baby boy is out of swim diapers.

9:31 am-  Mom grabs her coupons and heads to the store for swim diapers.

9:45 am-  Mom heads into grocery store, then unknowingly steps into a spill that someone left behind.

9:45:01 am-  Mom wipes out on the concrete floor of said grocery store.

9:46 am-  While thoroughly embarrassed and in pain, Mom hobbles over to the baby aisle, grabs swim diapers, then drives home.

10:00 am-  Mom arrives home to Hubby who greets her with this news-
"You get to go buy yourself a new microwave!" 

to which Mom replies...

"Ummm, I don't need or want a new microwave............" 

Hubby continues, "Well, you do now!!!  I fried the circuit board!"
F A B U L O U S.

10:30 am- Family gets ready, hops in the van, and heads to the pool for a fun time Lowe's for new microwave.

And it's only Tuesday...  Deeeeeep breath.



tasha said...

Oh man, I hope you filed an accident report with said grocery store :/ --- sorry for the rough morning (if it helps: I have 6 kids today, less money that I need, ha!, 1 less car than I'd like, and a toddler who still chooses to poop in his undies rather than the potty.) Love you!

Suzie said...

Sounds like a rough morning. Hope your day got better from there.

Helen said...

Oh Oh, bad bad handy man! Hope your knee has recovered. x