Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Deal of the Day

As I'm preparing to kick things off with a trial year of homeschooling, I've been on the hunt for some killer bargains on supplies. Because the pre-k curriculum I've chosen for my daughter's age is rather short and simple for each day, there's really not a ton of stuff that I truly need. Oh yes, there are PLENTY of items that I would love to purchase and use, but I know at this point we can be still be successful by keeping things relatively simple for now.

One idea I have been pondering is to create an area where I can plan and organize the supplies needed at the beginning of every week. I kind of had in mind a shelving system of sorts, with 5 boxes or baskets to collect the supplies needed for each school day of the week. Both fortunately and unfortunately, my handyman hubby is incredibly busy right now with business responsibilities, so that has left me to purchase and install whatever system I decide to use. (Power tools and I = no good.) And then there's always that super-annoying-but-necessary question of whether it's truly wise to spend much money on it or not. Decisions, decisions...

Then just yesterday, while roaming through the aisles of Lowe's, I stumbled upon (not literally, thank goodness) an end-cap of clearance items. The kids were getting antsy so I glanced as quickly as I could to see if there was anything that couldn't be passed up... and wouldn't you know?! There was. Check out what I found:

It was a match made in thrifty-shopper's heaven!

All the organizational space I had envisioned for our needs that simply hangs in a closet. I love it! Each "shelf" is labeled with one of the five week day names, plus a random space at the bottom for shoes... which we will designate for something else. Then there are mesh pockets that run along both sides for even more storage. I'm thinking those spaces will be great for smaller items that may accidentally roll or fall out, like markers, pencils, etc.

To top all of this off, I have to share with you how much I paid for this nifty little clearance item:


Seriously. It was marked down from $16.99 to $2.00.  Crazy, right?!? I. Am. Thrilled.

So, to all the other homeschooling readers out there, I'd love to hear what items/supplies you've discovered that have helped in your efforts of getting and staying organized throughout your academic year. Help this mama out, puh-leez!



Kristy K said...

Okay, I'm not kidding... on Monday, I told my daughter that I wish we had something to hang in the closet so she could organize her outfits for the week. THIS is what I was talking about. I think I may need to make a trip to Lowe's!

I love the idea of organizing each day's supplies so you're not scrambling every morning. I'm doing preschool for my youngest starting after Labor Day and I'm trying to gather a bunch of ideas like this to make things easier!

Love it!

CK said...

Thanks, Kristy! I love that if we decide down the road NOT to homeschool, we can use it to organize outfits for the week. Now I just wish I had one more... : P