Thursday, August 5, 2010

Joy and Tiger Slayers

My little girl has reached the very normal stage of worrying about monsters...

Just last night, she ran to her daddy and let him know that there was a tiger sitting beside her bed. Instead of accusing her of being silly or dishonest, her daddy, the household tiger slayer, quickly enters her room, has a short talk with the supposed tiger, and runs him off for good.

I love knowing that my daughter trusts her father to protect her. I love seeing my husband carefully and tenderly nurture my daughter's imagination...

They both bring me INCREDIBLE joy.

Good, True & Beautiful

And what about you? What brought you JOY this week?



Stacey said...

What a good dad!

Enjoyed your blog!

Helen said...

Ohhhh how wonderful! How sweet. x

Lee-Ann said...

Awww, that is so sweet! What a great Daddy!

Ginny the Sock Monkey said...

Mmmm get that tiger!

I was able to see very good friends this week, and it brought me so much joy! Seeing familiar faces makes me so happy.

Thanks for sharing the story!