Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wife and Mother and Business Partner- OH MY!

Those are the three hats that I wear simultaneously these days.  Wife to an incredible husband, mother to two precious children, and a business partner with my husband for our new home-based business.  Early on, when this scenario began, I could balance these roles pretty easily.  But I'm finding as time goes by, its getting more difficult.

Being a wife is hard.

Being a mother is hard, too.

Being a business partner with your spouse is... well, its extra hard.

Then throwing all three of them together just creates the most irritating problematic interesting mix!

For the time being, my husband and I have decided to temporarily remove my "business partner hat" so that I can refocus my energies on where they'd be better used.  These days with my children wanting nothing more than to spend time in my arms are fleeting.  They will be over much quicker than I want to admit.  

I also have an incredibly high calling of being a wife.  I confess I'm not yet able to instantaneously make the switch from arguing about camera equipment to being a lovey-dovey sweetheart when needed. Not really sure if I'll ever get there.  

So even though I began this blog with the intentions of writing about our small business journey, it's now going to take a small turn.  I'm still going to write about those things from time to time, but the overall focus will change.  More about motherhood, marriage, saving money, and who knows what else!

Hope you'll continue to journey along with me. ; )

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tasha said...

You can exchange your "business partner hat" for a "BFF" hat, hahahahahahaha!!!!