Thursday, March 18, 2010

So Much to Read, So Little Time

I've been reading, reading and reading this week, so not much writing has taken place for "Keeping Up Klapper."  Truth is, I've gotten sucked into the "coupon thing" and now I'm obsessed!  I had no idea how many money-saving bloggers there are out there who keep their readers posted of deals by the hour as they find them.  I've only been at this for two weeks and I've already saved a few hundred dollars... $239 to be exact.

Here are some of my favorite blogs that I currently subscribe to via Google Reader:

Jaycie does an incredible job of keeping her readers aware of "hot" coupons when they are posted, like this one from Huggies.

Grab a free pastry from Starbucks here.

Check out her great article about "stockpiling."

Just found out about this blog/site this week.  I was thrilled to find out that she posts the Publix sale flyer early!  Because as I've shared before, I ♥ Publix, too. ; )

Snag a 30% off coupon from Old Navy that can be used multiple times through Sunday.  

So, my Reader inbox stays full all day with these awesome feeds. On top of my blog-stalking sessions, I'm reading John C. Maxwell's upcoming release, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.  The book. Is. Awesome.  Blog review coming soon.

Even now, I should be headed to bed... but not before I read a little more and clip another coupon or two.  Or ten.