Friday, March 12, 2010

"Frame-It" Friday

Our week expressed in photos...

Warm weather has finally arrived in TN.  The kiddos are so glad to get out of the house and into the dirt sunshine.  

Sand is so good to eat... thus, the sand remnants on the chin.

Sister stays super busy with her art these days.

But still manages to act a little silly, as always.

I just love these two to pieces.


Leslie Rivas said...

Aw I love them too! I look forward to seeing them on "Frame-It" Fridays!! Jayce has that same shirt Cade is wearing ;)

Anonymous said...

I love my babies!!!

-Aunt Caitlin

Carrie said...

Um, come on!!! That first picture makes me just want to reach in the computer and squeeze him! And that picture in b&w of the two of them together is to die for! Great shots~