Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dear So and So...

Random letters I wish I could have written and sent this week:

Dear Target,
Why do you continue to advertise items in your sale paper but then don't stock them when I come to purchase them?  When my husband asked for the Monopoly game that was on sale for $7, the sales clerk looked at him blankly and claimed that you don't sell that game.  WHAT?!  Then why advertise them?  I'm getting more and more annoyed with you, Target. 

Dear Truck-driving Guy,
The two giant pipes sticking up on the back of your truck are NOT cool and do NOT make you more attractive.  It's actually very disgusting to see the black smoke billow out of them every time you accelerate.  Where did you get that idea and WHY did you carry it out?  Did your mom not teach you any better?  Guess not.  The smoke monster belongs on Lost, not the interstate.

Dear Spring,
I'm loving the beautiful weather you've given us lately.  But I have just one favor to ask... please decide if you are going to fully arrive or not.  Sixty-five sunny degrees on one day and then forty-five rainy degrees the next is not going well for us.  We'd like for you to give us some consistency.  No hurry to get too warm just yet, but more days like today would be just right.

This idea was borrowed from Rita at One 2 Try.

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One 2 Try said...

Love them! You get the concept very well! Shame on you target!