Monday, February 22, 2010

Silent Waves

Because so many of you enjoyed my Valentine's post, I thought I'd share another gem of mine... 

Just another Tuesday morning without the sunlight to greet her opening eyes
She obeys the routine of a predictable day, knowing Truth will carry her if she tries
The day continues on the road to work... turn left, change lanes, park here, walk there
Two thousand miles is what she sees approaching that stack of papers in her chair.

So she remembers her dream of a distant place where the land gently caresses the sea
Although the waves crash and majestically break, they fold before her now silently.

All day the sand slips through the glass, an eternity for each grain that falls
She dreads the treading of the stagnant water that awaits her in the halls
Forcing herself to endure the rhythm of the distant beating of her heart
All that carries her now is a silent thought that has awaited her from the start

So she remembers her dream of the silent waves where the sun no longer hides
And although it is quiet as she sits on the shore, she can feel the waves inside

There is only one thing in a never-ending day that can pull her through the gloom and the haze
A belief in hope of the beautiful scene where soon she'll hear the waves.

P.S.  Alec will DIE when he finds out I posted this... Will explain later. ; )  

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