Saturday, February 27, 2010

Keeping It Simple Saturday

A simple solution I learned this week:

Organizing dirty clothes as you go makes laundry SO MUCH EASIER! 

Earlier in the week, I read an interesting blog post which gave tips on easing into a laundry routine.  I made a trip to Wal-Mart and bought a few extra laundry baskets.  So, for the rest of the week, clothes were immediately sorted as they were taken off into their own little "color" basket.  All I have to do now is grab one basket a day, throw it in the wash first thing in the morning, and put it away at night.  I've been doing this for a few days now and I gotta say, wow...  This was a small but beneficial adjustment for me and my ever-growing loathe load of laundry.

Have a great weekend and keep it simple!

I'd love to hear more simple solutions or tricks that you've discovered for making housework a little more bearable.  Please email me your thoughts or comment below.  Your advice will be used in future blog posts with your permission.

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tasha said...

We've sorting as we go since the "beginning" as it never made much sense to me to sort all at once. :P Let's see: Do I have a simple tip? Maybe this counts: I keep my kids' kitchen dishes within their reach so they can learn to serve themselves. I also do this for pantry food items, too.
Oh, and since I have a 2story, I keep a laundry basket upstairs too and it comes down and is emptied into the proper bins each morning.
I wish I had more, but maybe my life should be simpler first. :)