Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He was a keeper!

So, to follow up with yesterday's post... yes, my sweet husband wrote that song for me when he was living in California.  The waves heard at the end of the recording are the actual sounds from the beach at Santa Monica.  He recorded the song on a cd and had it mailed to me at work.  I was working as a music teacher at the time. So at the end of a particularly hectic day, I found a box sitting outside my classroom door.  Inside it held two small beautiful glass bottles-- one filled with water, the other with sand.  There was a handwritten note, asking me to sit down and listen to the disc.  And then for the first time I heard the "silent waves."  That happened on Tuesday afternoon, February 8, 2005.  And the rest of that week is sweet history.

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Leslie Rivas said...

Once again...HOW ROMANTIC!!