Saturday, July 31, 2010

My name is Carmen and I have a dripping problem.



Drip, drip, drip.....

Our kitchen faucet has a dripping problem these days. Because we've been dealing with mold and other shenanigans, hubby hasn't been able to address the issue just yet.  Boy, I hope he gets to it soon, because that drip sure grates on this housewife's nerves.

But hold up just one minute... (This is where I get a big dose of conviction smacked across my forehead!)

Forget about the kitchen faucet for a second.  What about me?  Do I have a dripping problem?  Proverbs 27:15-16 states:
A continual dripping on a rainy day and a quarrelsome wife are alike; to restrain her is to restrain the wind or to grasp oil in one's right hand. 
To think that my everyday tendency to control, quarrel, or nag is as bothersome to my husband as this never-ending, irritating, dripping sound coming from my kitchen really makes me think a bit.

So, from now until the annoying leak gets fixed, it will serve as a valuable reminder for me and my own "dripping."

Encourage, encourage, encourage.....

Respect, respect, respect.....

Shut down the drip, drip, drip.....


Friday, July 30, 2010

"Frame-It Friday"

Our crazy crew at Kentucky Lake last weekend...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Number 9 and a Makeover!

9. Purchase my own domain name.
Fifteen Things in Fifteen Months)

Anybody notice anything different around here???

Katie over at Cleared for Takeoff and Fancy Pants Designs recently helped with my new look.  I personally think she did a great job in giving me a clean look that totally matches my design taste.  Not only is she very talented, but her prices are extremely affordable. So, if you're desiring a makeover for your blog, consider letting Katie be your designer.  And just for fun, check out her personal blog, too.  She's incredibly witty and many of her posts make me literally laugh out loud. 

Not only do I have a new custom design, 
I also now have my own domain:

Yep, it's official.
After 7 months of blogging, I've decided that 

"Keeping Up Klapper" is here to stay.
(Enter loud cheers and wild applause...)


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Joy and Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Lake, September 2009

This time tomorrow we'll be packing up and heading out to spend the weekend at a friend's lakehouse on Kentucky Lake.  With all the craziness we've had to deal with this week, I'm really looking forward to some "R & R" with friends and family.  I'm excited about letting the kids run free, eating high-calorie delicious food, playing games for hours, and simply spending time with some of my favorite people in the world... just for the JOY of it!

Good, True & Beautiful

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Nasty Little Four-Letter Word

Remember on Sunday when I spoke of our life being relatively calm these days?  Well, the very next day, I got my reality check in the mail...

This is the view one sees when stepping out of our back door this week:

M O L D.

This is a classic example of what happens when a building company doesn't pay attention to the details.  Now we're the lucky ones who get to foot the bill for their mistake.  (Hope you can hear the sarcasm spilling out.)  That picture above only shows a fraction of the damage.  It starts at the point where the gutter meets the chimney and grows all the way down into our crawl space. 

So, not only are we in the process of figuring out how to get it fixed, we're in panic mode of how we'll pay for it.  Yikes!

When it rains, it sure does pour... right down our chimney wall.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a difference a year makes.

One year ago today, I took a long, uncomfortable ride in the back of an ambulance to Baptist Hospital in Nashville.  Earlier that morning, while carrying my then 7-month-old (who was quite the load to tote), my lower back completely gave out in a quick second.  As I tried to stand, I experienced the most horrendous pain I've ever felt in my entire life, to the point of vomiting and almost passing out.  I couldn't stand or walk, and both legs intensely tingled from my waist down.  I was so frightened.  That was a terrible, terrible day.

We later found out that the culprit of my "episode" on that morning was a nasty herniated disc.  Instead of rushing to the nearest orthopedic surgeon, we sought treatment via physiotherapy.  After 6-8 weeks of anti-inflammatory shots, oral steroids, and therapy, I was able to make a decent recovery.  The annoying symptoms from the herniated disc still bug me on a continual basis.  I'm sure somewhere down the road it may possibly have to be addressed by surgery.

For reasons only God knows, that Saturday morning seemed to usher in a season of trials for me and my family.  Conflict after conflict, which included anything from relational and financial struggles to a frightening battle with staph infections that would land my then 2-year-old in Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for 6 long days, seemed to be served upon our plate in extra-large doses.  What a foggy, confusing time that was.

As I reflect back on that day/season, I'm incredibly thankful that the life waters are relatively calm today.  I realize that another storm may develop quickly without warning, so I'm spending today with an intentional attitude of victory and gratitude.

All of my life
In every season
You are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Joy on the Rocks

Two things that bring me joy after a hot, sunny day at the pool:
Two kids snoozing peacefully and an ice cold one-of-these...

Just for the JOY of it...

Good, True & Beautiful

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey Mikey... Beware!

Don't you love a good trip to Wal-Mart?  There's no other place on earth like it.  Since the economy continues to be rough on our pocket books, it's the perfect place to go for cheap groceries, household items, and free entertainment from the surrounding shoppers.

For instance, this afternoon I had decided to do my grocery shopping there, since I've been majorly slacking on my coupons lately.  I just haven't found a cheaper place to go if I'm not armed with an arsenal of coupons.  (Sorry, Publix!  I promise to not cheat on you for very long.) 

As I was strolling down the cereal aisle, I noticed a little boy around 5 years old, walking beside his mother as she shopped.  What I heard next almost made me pee in my pants...

The boy walked over and pointed to a cereal that he wished for his mother to buy.  She quickly replied, "NO!  THAT'S POISON IN A BOX!" 

I quickly held my breath and rolled along to the next aisle, because I seriously thought I was about to laugh out loud.  Then two thoughts came to mind:

First of all, if a person is so hardcore about super healthy eating, then why, my friends, would one choose Wal-Mart for their grocery shopping?  It's Wal-Mart, lady!  Wallllllllllllll-marrrrrrt!  Almost every grocery item on their shelves is "poison in a box." 

Secondly, I do commend that mother for attempting to teach her children about healthy eating.  But why in such a harsh manner?  I wouldn't be surprised if that poor child grows up having nightmares about being stalked by a gigantic bowl of Lucky Charms.  GEEZ!

It takes all kinds... especially at Wal-Mart.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Job Security

The two Klapper kiddos and I have stayed pretty busy this week.  Since our main man has been out of town for nine days, keeping the daily schedule relatively full has certainly helped to pass the long hours each day.

Last evening, we went over to spend time with a friend whose husband was also working out of town for the weekend.  (Misery loves company, right?!)  As the sun was beginning to set and bedtime for my children was approaching, I gave my little ones the proverbial two minute warning that it was almost time for us to leave.  In jest, I made the comment, "We gotta hurry!  Mommy turns into a pumpkin when the sun goes down!"  And without a second of hesitation, my 3-year-old says, "No, Mommy!  Don't turn into a pumpkin!  We still want you around!"

Whew, what a relief!  Even after a long week of putting up with only mommy and no daddy, I'm still somewhat appreciated, loved, and "wanted around."  My job is safe for a bit longer. : P  Oh, I loooooove that little girl to pieces...

In other Klapper news, I've made the decision to begin homeschooling my daughter this fall via a pre-k curriculum.  Yeah, I know she's still a bit young, but she is so R E A D Y.  I've already been scouring lots of websites, forums, message boards, etc, to find a solid but cheap affordable curriculum.  (oh, and also scouring our garage and attic for things to sell to pay for the stuff!)

I'm quickly finding that there is a ton of quality stuff out there from which to choose.  Instead of constantly bugging asking other homeschool moms about what they recommend or have used, I'm now finding that the better question may just be what to stay away from.  All in all, I'm anxious to find something and get it ordered.  I'm not sure what our plans will be in the long term, as far as homeschooling goes.  But I've decided to just commit to one year at a time, and we'll go from there.  I'm sure lots and LOTS of posts from me concerning this are inevitable.  (Consider yourselves warned!)

My hubby will be home in a few short hours and our family of four will be reunited once more.  Definitely looking forward to the next day or two which will certainly include some rest and relaxation for yours truly!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Joy and Great Friends

Good, True & Beautiful

I've decided to link up every Thursday with Sharon at Good, True, and Beautiful for "Just for the Joy of it."  Her blog is one of my FAVES to follow!  So head on over and check out her digs.  Her site brings me JOY and I know it will for you, too.

My husband has been out of town working since last Saturday and won't return until this Sunday.  My church family has rallied around me, to help me not become too weary before he returns.
  • One friend gave her time and helping hand to hang out with us on July 4th, which enabled us to attend our church cookout and fireworks.  
  • Another family has helped with childcare so that I can attend my Zumba classes and have some time to myself.  
  • Others have volunteered to watch my two kiddos for me so I can run my weekly errands alone and in peace.   
  • And finally, a few sweet families have invited us over for meals, play time, etc.  
Believe me, this has certainly brought me incredible JOY this week!

And what about you?  What brought you JOY this week?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Number 11

11. Begin to teach my daughter how to play the piano.

Nope, I haven't forgotten about my "list" that I created and committed to back in April.  But there's been a small bump in the road for accomplishing number 11.  I'll let the picture speak for itself:

That's my beautiful baby grand being wheeled away to its new home.  Hubby and I made a difficult decision to sell our piano.  We needed the space plus the extra cash in case of emergencies as we continue to get our small business up and running.  

So, #11 doesn't technically get to be crossed off as accomplished, but postponed for a few years... and I'm thoroughly okay with that.