Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fifteen Things in Fifteen Months

A few weeks ago, I joined in on an internet meme titled, "99 Things I Ought to Have Done."  As I look back over that list, I realize that I've been blessed with some really priceless experiences.  Yet, there's still so many cool things left to do, especially with my children.  So, I've decided to create a new list, one that contains things I'd like to do, places I'd like to visit, or experiences I'd like to... well, experience.  I also desired that it be accomplished in the next fifteen months, instead of just committing to eventually carry it out in my life time.  This way, I'm giving myself a time frame and specific goals that can easily be checked off as I accomplish them.  And as a bonus, this automatically provides me with fifteen future blog posts. : )

1.  Reach 100 followers on my blog.

2.  Take my daughter to her first movie.

3.  Go on a nice trip with my husband.  Sans children.

4.  Potty train my son.  (Not very fun, but hey- it's gotta be done!)

5.  Pay for another person's coffee at the Starbucks drive-through window.

6.  Finish losing all of the weight I gained with my last pregnancy.  (17 out of 50 pounds left to go!)

7.  Get a family portrait taken.

8.  Have a family day at the zoo.

9.  Purchase my own domain name.

10.  Go backpacking with my husband.  (Did this once before we had children, but I cried when we had to sleep in the middle of the super dark woods.  Plus, there were two "granddaddy longlegs" crawling in our tent!  Maybe it'll just be a day trip this time...)

11.  Begin to teach my daughter how to play the piano.

12.  Take our very first family vacation.

13.  Play in the rain with my children.

14.  Buy seeds to plant a small flower in a pot so my children can see the whole growth process from beginning to end. 

15.  Send a card to at least 5 people that I haven't seen or communicated with in over a year.

And there you have it... Fifteen things for me to do by July 7, 2011.  As each one is completed, I'll return here, cross it out and then blog about it.  Should be fun!

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Grammy said...

Hi, CK! A great idea! If I had the energy, I might make a list of things to do in the next year. I will think about it. My grandson potty rained his little boy in a day. I'll look up the post and send it to you. Regards to you,


Good luck with your list, I know you will achieve them, once a person makes ones mind up and is determined to do something they usually complete what they set out to do.
A good topic.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I initially misread your title as "15 things in 15 minutes" so I was confused for a little while! I think that sounds like a very do-able list in the next 15 months.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Great way to reach your goals.

Ellie said...

Great idea, I will have to try this! A fun post~

tasha said...

Yeah, let me know how #4 goes -- I haven't even started Isaak yet ;)