Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Everyone Communicates, Few Connect" by John C. Maxwell

"Talk is easy.  Everybody talks.  
The question is, how can you make 
your words count?"

True or False:  Great communicators are born that way.  They're naturally outgoing and full of energy.  The rest of us introverts are left in their dust, wondering why they're so likable or we're not...

The answer is FALSE.

I confess I used to believe those statements above, before I recently read John C. Maxwell's newest release, "Everybody Communicates, Few Connect."  Instead, now I know that any person is capable of learning how to not only communicate, but to connect with those around them.  In his book, Maxwell uses very simple, yet practical ways to convince his readers that this is possible.  

The book is divided into two parts: Connecting Practices and Connecting Principles.  In the first section, Maxwell explains what connecting really is and what it takes to truly be successful at it.  He also shares personal accounts from his own journey as a professional communicator and leader.  The second section provides specific guidance on how to actually become one who connects.  

It has been quite a while since I found a book worth covering in highlighter.  But this one is now marked from beginning to end.  Not only that, but it took me much longer than normal to finish reading.  The reason being, my husband kept taking it from me to read for himself!  Needless to say, we have been and are STILL thoroughly enjoying this book.

"Everybody Communicates, Few Connect" is a book that I would highly recommend.  It contains tools and information that teachers, doctors, parents, spouses, ministers, bloggers, or ANYONE can benefit from.

This book was provided to me at no cost by Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their Book Review Bloggers program. I was not required to provide a positive review, only an honest one. The viewpoints expressed in this review are my own.


melodygreen said...

Reading your blog is exponentially increasing my "to-read" list. I think overall that's a good thing... but where will I ever find the time? :)

Grammy said...

Hey, there, very interesting posting! I really love the pics of your son, he is absolutely adorable! I'll be back.
My best regards to you,


Seems a good book, wondered if I could buy it over here in the UK.

Suzanne said...

Hi Carmen,
I can't wait to read this book. John Maxwell is one of the teaching pastors at our church and he just has an amazing way of taking a relevant topic and presenting it so simply. I missed this one so thanks for the heads up!

Tori Cooper said...

Sounds like an excellent book... I enjoy reading anything John. Maxwell... he breaks it down easy to follow and learn more about leadership and serving people! :-)