Friday, May 28, 2010

"Frame-it Friday"

Is it seriously Friday already?!  This week sure is flying by...

The pictures I'm sharing today will give you a peek at what I've been busy doing this week.  Hubby and I have been reading the popular book, "Getting Things Done" by David Allen.  We've been working like mad to get ourselves and business organized.  I already feel more relaxed by what we've accomplished in the past few days and we've really only hit the tip of the iceberg.

First of all, we bought an additional desk and chair at a garage sale so that I could have my very own space.  No more sharing.  We spray-painted the desk black and it looks good as new!  The chair was missing a wheel but we easily replaced it from an old chair we already had.  Don't you just love good bargains?!

We also bought a second one of these guys.  Label makers and I always make the best of friends.

See?!  Doesn't it make simple things like files look so much better?

Now I must get back to "getting things done."  Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday weekend!



Great post and pictures: I see you are very organised, good for you.

Enjoy your week-end.

Helen said...

Great work Carmen & Alec!

You are inspiring me to pick up the book. I know that my business could really do with some organising.

Jordan said...

Love the new work space! Jeff really wants a label maker, maybe that'll be our saturday outing - I'm jealous of those files!

Beth said...

You're my hero! I wonder if buying a labeler would change my world from chaotic clutter to a peaceful respite?