Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And the Learning Begins...

Yesterday was our first official day "on the job."  I have to admit that when the week began, we were excited.  The dread that we have always felt on Monday morning was gone.  We woke up in charge and ready to take on our dreams.  Such a different feeling that is already quite addicting!
Even though we've been on this journey for only two days, we are learning so much already.  Of course, first and foremost, we're learning to trust Almighty God like never before.  Secondly, as far as our actual business goes, there are several things that have jumped out at me already.  We are finding that the simplest things can really be hard to reign in.  A few of those are:

1. FOCUS-  As we begin our business from the ground up, there are so many "rabbits" to be chased, T's to be crossed, and I's to be dotted.  The ability to discern and prioritize wisely has proven to be quite a challenge. 

2. FINANCES-  We committed to living a debt free lifestyle several years back and have been successful for the most part.  BOY, is it tempting to go back on our commitments now!  So many items, gadgets, supplies, etc. that we "need" rear their ugly heads on a daily basis.  And what makes the situation more complicated is that THIS is our income now.  We're not going to be receiving a paycheck anymore.  So, the pressure to make money quickly sits on our shoulders, as well. 

3. FAMILY-  That's right... if the adjustment of self-employment wasn't mind-consuming enough, there are still two little ones pulling at my legs all day, every day.  Two that are still helpless for the most part, still relying on their Daddy and Mommy for most things. 

The great part about all of this is, even with the challenges, we are exhilarated.  We are getting to express ourselves in our own ways, on our own terms.  Dan Miller writes in his book, No More Mondays,
Fulfilling work, work that integrates our talents and our passions, work done for a worthy purpose, has always been a sign of inner--and outer--maturity and wisdom.
"Fulfilling work."  It only takes a day or two of it, then you're hooked.  There's no going back.


caitlin duke said...

Wow you are a good writer. I could definately read more. Keep up the good work sis!!

Donna said...

I don't know what you are talking about, girl - that you aren't a good writer! You are a GREAT writer - I love the way you express yourself and how you choose to word it! I'm really praying for ya'll everyday for EVERYTHING!! lol
Love you! Donna

Julie B. said...

A blog! Cool! Congrats on the biz...looking forward to reading more...Love to the family! Julie

CK said...

thanks, ladies, for taking time to read!