Monday, January 11, 2010

Trading Salary for Snow Cream : )

After my last post, someone might be thinking... wow, lots of challenges to overcome.  But I continue to mentally list each day some incredible blessings from self-employment.  A few of them are:

1. FLEXIBILITY-  Working for yourself means saying goodbye to the old model of working 9-5.  Think about a somewhat normal day for you.  Are there certain times in the day when you're more alert, more energetic, and not zombie-like?  How awesome would it be to choose to work at THOSE times of the day... not just 9-5, because those are the hours an old fogey decided decades ago that people should work. Not only does the quantity of your accomplishments increase, but so does the quality of your work. 

2. FREEDOM-  I remember feeling like such a victim to our past work situation.  Like we were its slave, just doing what we needed to do to get our weekly check and pay for our monthly expenses.  We've since realized that yes, we were a slave to work.  But not work of our own.  Choosing to work from home to do a job that we love is a definite new found freedom.  We call the shots... of course, with that comes much responsibility.  But it's OUR responsibility.  No one else's. 

3. FELLOWSHIP-  This one is huge for us. Up until this point, we were isolated by our previous work.  It allowed little to no time for relationships outside of our family. We've actually been able to choose a church community and casually hang out with friends.  Both seem so normal for most people... but they have been an unrealized longing for us.  Until now!

4. FUN!!!  Can't tell you how many milestones or events that "Daddy" has had to miss because of work.  This week, Daddy and and his sweet daughter were able to enjoy their first snow day together.  So priceless!  Here are a few snow pics that I quickly snapped with my Blackberry-

Then the best part of all- SNOW CREAM!

I told a friend just yesterday that we've lived more in the past week than we have in almost five years.  No impressive insurance policy or 401k match... just investing in LIFE!

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