Friday, January 15, 2010


As we continue to get our new business up and running, I'm still learning day to day how to balance being a wife, mother and business partner.  There are so many challenges that come and go in a single day.  The seconds, minutes, and hours fly by hastily, so making every single one count is top priority.  The saying, "work smarter not harder," definitely rings true for me these days.

One challenge that I'm confident many mothers like myself face every day is finding time to cook.  And when I say "cook," I'm not implying Easy-Mac or Spaghettios.  But the opportunity to really serve your family a quality meal on a daily basis.  Yeah right, you're thinking...  Don't write me off just yet!  Let me share with you my FAVORITE meal time resource that I have discovered: "E-mealz."

I first heard of E-mealz during a radio broadcast of the Dave Ramsey Show about 7 months ago.  Dave claimed that the meals were delicious and that it would save money.  Of course, my husband and I are HUGE Dave Ramsey fans, so we try just about anything he suggests.  After talking it over, we decided to subscribe.  Boy, am I so glad I did!

In a nutshell, this is what E-mealz does for you for $1.25 a week...  You choose your favorite grocery store, then they provide you with a 7-day menu based on items that are on SALE.  They do all the work!  And get this, not only do you get the menu, but step-by-step recipes for each meal, also.  My absolute favorite part of all is that they generate your shopping list for you, grouped by sections/aisles. It's so easy, so convenient, and totally pays for itself the first week you use it.

Just check it out for yourself by clicking on my banner below.  As Dave says about E-mealz, "...this is a no-brainer!" : )


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