Tuesday, April 2, 2013

His Common Grace

Yesterday I was reading about the doctrine of common grace for a theology class that I've been taking for the past 7 months. The reality of those truths washed over me like a tidal wave of both conviction and worship. Did you know that the only reason we all woke up this morning-- believer and unbeliever-- and are breathing each breath is ONLY by God's grace?

God's Word tells us that the ONLY thing we deserve is death (Romans 6:23). Each moment we continue living, experiencing thousands of indulgences each day, is because of His astounding grace. A tweet from Paul Tripp this morning hit this truth further home for me:
Even pleasure preaches God's grace. Every day we all enjoy a symphony of pleasures we could've never earned the right to enjoy.
As humans, and especially as Americans, we are bent towards a happiness paradigm that distorts our motives and actions. We are so clouded by our sense of entitlement that we spend most moments of each day mistaken that we deserve all these pleasures and then foolishly covet the ones we don't have.

Lord, may your abundant and undeserved kindness lead us all to repentance today. Give us eyes to see that all of these blood-bought gifts are pointing to You and your glory. Your grace is truly amazing...

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Angela said...

Perfect.I have a friend who experiences the grace of God every time she smells bread. It makes her start to cry because the simple pleasure of a warm loaf of bread speaks to her of grace. To each heart, grace is made known in the unique ways God alone knows. To be on the look out for grace in the flesh is like walking around with wide eyes open, expectantly looking for heaven to blow a kiss. Cannot be claimed, grasped, pilfered or locked down. But it can be found. I agree... give us eyes Lord and ears to hear... YOU. Grace in Spirit and Flesh with bone.