Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just 36 hours ago... (Post-op Day Two)

...I was being wheeled into the operating room for my much-talked-about knee surgery (Arthroscopy and Lateral Retinacular Release, to be exact). It was actually a great morning that went off without a single hitch, despite its lack of my two favorite things: coffee and food. Seriously, the whole process was so incredibly smooth and quick. My procedure was scheduled for 7:00am and the first thing I remember from waking up from anesthesia was a clock hanging directly in front of me that showed 8:15am. An hour after that, they kicked me out and we headed home. Well, maybe not as extreme as "kicked out." They did tell me they were very impressed with all of my post-op schtuff, so they saw no need to keep me around. After a last pump of Dilaudid and Zofran, we were on our way. And this has pretty much been my view ever since we arrived home:

I was sentenced to lay on my back with my knee above my heart and toes above my knee for 48 hours (besides bathroom breaks, of course). This is to help mostly with swelling and circulation. Not exactly the most comfortable position; but my friend, Oxycodone, helps me to not really care about that.  The blue contraption is a "cryo/cuff" that keeps both compression and ice water around my knee for long periods of time. Pretty nifty! And we certainly can't go on without acknowledging the attractive compression sock I'm sporting. :-)

36 hours down, 12 more to go.

Overall, I haven't been too uncomfortable or in immense pain. Definitely thankful for that! I have minimal swelling at this point, too, but I expect that to change once I become mobile again. Tomorrow's excitement will include some weight-bearing attempts via crutches, as well as my first physical therapy visit. Odds are swelling and pain will increase a bit once those efforts begin. We shall see... but as of right now, I am very pleased and thankful with the way things have been progressing.

Well, trying to make intelligible sentences while opiates flood my bloodstream is sorta difficult, so I'll sign off for now. Will hopefully be able to update with more positive progress in a few days. Thanks for reading!

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