Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mystery Reader

This past August, Addy Grace began attending a free Pre-K program at a local school five days a week. It was such a gigantic blessing and answer to prayer for her to be selected to attend. We applied in March, were interviewed in April, and then waited the entire summer with bated breath, daily watching and praying for that little letter to arrive in our mailbox. At the very end of July it did arrived and we received the news we had wanted...

We're now almost finished with the first semester and she is absolutely loving every minute! I'm very impressed with the school, her teachers, and the amount of knowledge that her little brain has already soaked up.

First day of Pre-K!

One of the neat activities her teacher incorporates each week is called "Mystery Reader." This is where a special surprise guest shows up to read a story to the classroom. The kids never know who it will be until they arrive and knock on the door at the designated time.

Last Wednesday, Addy's Daddy was the assigned Mystery Reader for the day... So all three of us-- Daddy, Mommy, and her brother-- showed up and surprised her. Alec chose to read one of her favorite bedtime stories to the class, "The Spiffiest Giant in Town."

As you can tell from the video, the students loved Alec's witty rendition of the story and even gave him a big round of applause at the end. It was such a sweet, fun experience and I can't wait for my own assigned date coming in the spring!