Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blogger MIA

This morning I've been staring at my blog archive for 2011... I really can't believe there are only 6, now 7, posts. Has it really been 8 months since my last entry? Oh my word! Thanks so much to those of you who have let me know that I have been missed in the blogosphere. I've definitely missed it and look forward to getting back in the blogging groove.

What better way to kick off my hiatus than sharing adorable pictures of my little ones?! Here are some shots that I took on our way to our church's annual Trunk or Treat this past Sunday:

Addy Grace, the "good witch"

My lil' firefighter, Cade

The sweet candy corn on the left is my little niece, Annslee.

Cade loved grabbing treats at each of the trunks.

Addy Grace and Annslee "cheesing" for the camera.

A quick family shot before we went home.

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