Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Much Fun!

Listening to seasonal songs, such as Walking in a Winter Wonderland, Let it Snow, and White Christmas, while watching actual snow fall from the sky is definitely the exception in Tennessee instead of the rule.  But just yesterday, a wintry weather system came through and blanketed our area with several inches of the beautiful white stuff.  It was a big deal to us Southerners to be able to look out our windows, past the reflection of our twinkling tree lights, and see peaceful flakes falling most of the day and night.  Call it an early Christmas gift for which my family of four is quite thankful!



melodygreen said...

Pretty! Jealous here... we were all excited over it flurrying a bit for an hour or so yesterday. Now it is just cold. :(

stacey said...

Snow!!! We didn't get any yet. - Cute pictures:)