Friday, December 31, 2010

No Man Is a Failure Who Has Friends.

As I take the time to reflect on a year rapidly coming to a close, many memories come to mind.  Lots of great happenings to ponder on, yet some circumstances I'd rather forget.  Of all the matters that life placed in my lap this year, there is one word that stands out among them all.  And that word is...

Throughout the past year, I've been blessed with a community of people who truly know what it means to care.  These friends are the ones who:

-say they will pray for you, 
and then they really do.

-ask how you're doing, 
then actually stick around and listen for the answer.

-remember that your husband is out of town, 
so they bring dinner and keep you company.

-you can send a text message to at any time of the night, 
and know that they aren't bothered.

-ask for forgiveness when they know they've unintentionally said something to offend you,
instead of brushing the issue under the carpet. 

-see mint chocolate at the grocery store and buy it for you, 
because they remember it's your favorite.

-are, you know, the "real deal."

I've had many friendships in my past that I certainly value and for which I am thankful.  But the friends my family and I gained in 2010 are ones that will be forever cherished.  My prayer for 2011 is that I can become more and more of a gift to these people like they've been to me...

See you next year!


tasha said...

I don't bring you dinner - I suck, mwahahaha!!! :P

Anonymous said...

I don't bring you dinner either. If we lived closer to each other i would have yall over for dinner alllllllll the time!!!!


Jo-Jo Walker said...

I don't bring you dinner either, but if you guys come visit again, I'll feed ya!