Monday, February 11, 2013

Promises for Hurting Wives- Joy

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When looking back down former roads of marital pain, what stands out the most to me is a chronic condition of disappointment. In my mind, my husband was always dropping the ball and consistently falling short of my self-enthralled kingdom. Sure, I prayed for change to come... but just for him. Not me. I had my life together. It was too bad that no one else around me was as self-sufficient and capable as I was.  **insert eye roll**

Now with a regenerated view, my eyes can look past those days of struggle which I foolishly thought were birthed by a premature decision to marry. That entangling thread of disappointment and bitterness had been weaving itself through every life event that had already occurred. I wasn't being unfairly denied the treasures of marital bliss that both television and movie screens had promised throughout my life. This religious do-gooder was missing THE Treasure.

If you are a married (or single) woman who is carrying an unbearable load of disappointment, there's incredible, life-altering news for you today. There is a true and perfect Soul Mate for whom your heart is longing. His presence offers real joy and delight in unquenchable amounts. There is indescribable freedom in redirecting our selfish desires and fallen expectations from our husbands to the One who can absorb them-- who has already absorbed them-- for all eternity. 

You make known to me the path of life; 
In your presence there is fullness of joy; 
At your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
Psalms 16:11

In the verse above, let the eyes of your heart focus onto what God promises... Fullness of Joy. Unending Pleasure. 
Where are these things found? 
In a trouble-free marriage? 
In a perfect physical appearance? 
In an exciting social life? 

The answer is found in the very first word of the verse: You. He offers Himself. These things are found fully in Him. This is where our weary hearts find rest... in the arms of the One who created our hearts. Preach this verse of promise to your heart. Speak this truth aloud to your soul. 

Not only does hearing and believing God's promises like this one miraculously bring voracious joy and hope to the depravity of our hearts, but seeds of hope and healing can sprout forth in your marriage, as well. 

There is hope.
Jesus is our hope.
He is Joy.
He is Joy for you. 
He is our pleasure of all pleasures. 
Believe Him to be just that and he WILL give you a new heart to experience it.

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