Monday, January 28, 2013

Remember Your Destiny

Well, it's the last few days of January, which means that the majority of New Year's Resolutions that were made for 2013 have probably already been thrown out the window for most. I'm always fascinated to see the surge of do-better chatter that strikes up the first week of each new year. The fact that the same few items top most lists repetitively (ie, lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, save money) can even be pretty humorous... because, let's face it- these things usually do not change. And I'm not chuckling at everyone else while I'm sitting back proudly admiring my accomplished list of try-agains. Nope. I laugh mostly at myself and the fact that I honestly can't recall a single year that I've actually seen any of my resolutions all the way to completion.

It's because of this repetitive pattern each new year that I've decided to end my perfect "crash and burn" record. I didn't make a list of things I wanted to change, try, lose, or do-over. This time my approach was much different. There were no specific goals set but there was a simple commitment made to three words:

Remember Your Destiny.

One of the definitions that gives for the word destiny says this: something that is to happen to a particular person or thing. For followers of Christ, I believe the Bible is very clear about what our "destiny" is... what specifically that "something that is to happen" is. A specific verse that I've chosen to focus on for this phrase is Romans 8:29. It says-

As one who has been given a new heart and life by God, I can now clearly see what my destiny is. It's sandwiched right in the very center of that verse above:

To be conformed to the image of his Son. 

That's totally it. That's why I'm here this very day. THAT is my destiny.

Even though I am bombarded by inner and outer voices of all sorts from the time I wake up each morning, pressuring me to remember so many things, this small phrase will be the voice of Truth I will strain to hear: Remember your destiny. 
  • When condemning voices attack my physical image in the mirror, I can remember that my goal is "to be conformed to the image of his Son." We females know that there is a never-ending battle that we fight daily to what/whom the world says we should be conformed. We are bombarded by the media's steady messages of who our culture thinks we should look like. Since people's approval is a struggle of mine, I have to be on guard against these cultural lies and remember my destiny moment by moment.
  • When the enemy tempts me to focus on my failures in parenting, I can remember that I am being "conformed to the image of his Son," and not to the erroneous image of Super Mom. Instead of being unintentionally caught in the deadly spring of motherhood-comparison traps, I can steady my gaze on God, my Father, who is the only perfect parent. Instead of being defeated by the arguing, bickering, back-talking, and often times smelliness of these little people I've been entrusted with, I can run to the good news of the cross and take them with me, knowing that they need it just as much as I do. As an imperfect mother, I can remember my destiny of being conformed to Perfection himself with much hope.
  • When struggles of various kinds arise in my relationships, I can trust that each challenge is all part of the eternal relationship my Heavenly Father is working out with me... changing me, refining me, sanctifying me, conforming me to the image of his Son, Jesus. In the midst of difficulties in marriage, parenting, or friendships, instead of drawing strength from those relationships, I can remember my destiny and find strength, love, joy, approval, and security in HIM. 
In all of these things, plus so many more, remembering God's eternal purposes can lead us forward in daily victory and rejoicing, not self-focused improvement. Remembering that our destiny actually has everything to do with Him and his glory and not with us at all frees us from the chains of self-pity, discouragement, and disillusionment. Sure, there will be still be resolutions and goals made throughout each year that God grants us. Viewing those efforts through the lenses of eternity-- our destiny-- will not only bring change to how we view the outcomes, but will actually change US for His purposes in the process... to be conformed to the image of His Son.

Daily remembering with you-